Alkor has been produced as a solution to flat roof type solar roof projects. East-West Construction has been produced as a solution for roofs on all kinds of flat floors. 4 panels, 2x2, can be applied to each construction. It has an angle of 15°.

The adjustable length of the clamps is suitable for all panel types. Two pieces are applied to the right and left parts of the panel, the movement of the panel is prevented.

It provides solutions for all kinds of roofs thanks to its easy-to-apply triangular leg variations. Projecting is done by choosing the most suitable profile type for your roof type.

  • Solution for all types of flat floor roofs provides.
  • Since it acts on a flat surface with 3 profiles provides maximum strength.
  • Compatible for solar panels of all sizes.
  • It is applied with a concrete weight system.
  • It is applied with long profiles and triangular legs.
  • It is produced from 6063 aluminum